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Birki Air 2.0 - Black


Built around the supportive contours of the BIRKENSTOCK® footbed, the new Birki Air clog ushers in the next generation of our Professional line. Featuring a fluid-resistant design that's been reengineered with breathability in mind, its PU shell helps...


Professional Birki - Black


BIRKENSTOCK developed the Profi Birki to offer perfect grip and sure-footedness in almost any work environment. With its raised heel section and extended front, it encloses the entire foot and promotes a natural rolling motion with every step you take...


Blue Footbed - Casual


The Blue Footbed utilizes the principle of walking barefoot. It is based on the impression left by a healthy foot in sand, creating a natural environment for your feet. The heel area is cushioned and stabilized thanks to the raised design. This also...